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This is for bosses and HR departments!

Hiring the wrong person is a pain. Costly in terms of money and time.

Add ONE more step to your hiring process - test your candidates psychometrics!

What's that you ask? Read on below.

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I'm amazed at companies who hesitate to spend just a few dollars to get a report about a candidates personality. If the hire is wrong - it's a waste of time and money.

Michael Walker

Leadership Assessment

Learning Agility Assessment

General Aptitude Test

Personality Profiler

B2B Sales Potential Assessment (Entry Level)

Managerial Potential Assessment

Assessment for Customer Care Representative

B2B Sales Potential Assessment (Experienced)

Leadership Assessment- Development Report

B2C Customer Focus Assessment

Employee Retention Assessment

B2B Customer Focus Assessment

Store/Mall/Restaurant Manager Assessment

Case Analysis and Decision Making Skills Stress Management Assessment

Equity Research Analyst

Corporate Finance Advisory - M&A

Corporate Finance Advisory - Capital Markets

Retail (Operations) Manager Assessment

Career and Personality Type Profiler

& more.......

More samples? Ask us.


Data Scientist using R

Java Full Stack with MySQL

Python Django Developer

SAP ABAP Developer Assessment

PHP MySQL Developer Assessment

HTML and CSS Assessment

HTML CSS and JavaScript Assessment

Python Developer with experience in GIT

PHP Developer with experience in GIT

Java Spring and Hibernate Developer

TensorFlow using Python

OS Swift Assessment

Dot Net Developer

Kotlin Developer Assessment

NodeJS Developer Assessment

Tableau Developer Assessment

Java MySQL Developer Assessment

Microsoft Azure DevOps Assessment

Oracle SQL Developer

Java Oracle SQL Developer

Python MySQL Developer Assessment

Java AngularJS 1.x Developer Assessment

PHP Javascript Developer Assessment

Salesforce Developer Assessment

Automation Testing with QTP

Python Developer Assessment

Ruby on Rails Developer Assessment

Performance Testing with Loadrunner

Java Spring Developer

C# Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) & SQL Server Assessment

SQL Server Database Administrator Assessment

Big Data Hadoop Developer Assessment

AWS DevOps Engineer

Drupal Developer Assessment

Data Engineer

Data Analyst using R

Security Testing Assessment

Salesforce Administrator Assessment

J2EE Developer Assessment

Java Spring Hibernate Developer with experience in GIT

C# Developer Assessment

C Developer Assessment

C++ Developer Assessment

Blockchain Quiz

Sitecore Developer Assessment

Leadership Assessment- Development Report

Java Javascript Developer Assessment

PHP Developer Assessment

Core Java Developer with experience in GIT

AngularJS 1.x Development Test

Javascript Developer Assessment

Core Java Developer Assessment

ReactJS Developer Cognitive Abilities Assessment

Get to know the candidate

More than what is apparent.

We are not mind readers but online tests now allow us to assess potential candidates skills and personality like never before.

Make sure your candidates have both the hard and soft skills to become a valuable member of your team.

Don't hesitate to ask us for sample reports. Prices vary between 60-90$

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